Community Development


Ikhaya Le Themba has trained communities to provide basic nursing care to patients in their homes. These services include bed bath, mobility exercises, wound care etc. The communities we support are in Khayelitsha, Wellington  and Harare Zimbabwe. These visits are carried out on week days.

Over the years Ikhaya Le Themba has hosted various Women’s Ministry times that have led to more regular opportunities for women to meet for times of emotional and spiritual support. As and when required, these groups are facilitated by volunteers from the various Joshua Generation congregations and have proved to be uplifting and helpful for those who attend.



Volunteers in Khayelitsha and Vanwyk’svlei have been providing children and vulnerable adults in their communities with food on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. Ikhaya Le Themba provides the ingredients, COVID cleaning agents. From time to time, Ikhaya Le Themba provides food parcels in various areas of the Western Cape. The contents for these parcels are collected in the congregations of Joshua Generation Church during the three Lovebag Drives we host for Easter, Winter and at Christmas. The contents of these parcels and their delivery is aimed to assist families during school holidays when children are most vulnerable.



For many years Ikhaya Le Themba has facilitated annual "Shack Covering" campaigns to assist those families with leaking shacks. We provide supplies to cover the shacks with DCP plastic and Safe-T-Top roof nails. The locals are well trained and enjoy helping each other to cover their shacks. Ikhaya Le Themba has a great network that operates efficiently to supply needy families with clothes or household items when required. We have found that people are more than willing to give of their possessions to those less fortunate especially after fires, theft or flooding of homes.


Ikhaya Le Themba has established community gardens used as training hubs for people in communities to be taught to grow their own home gardens. The produce from these gardens is handed out to needy families and is used to supply the soup kitchens with nutritious organic vegetables.



We are always keen partner with businesses and individuals in our various projects, with Community Development there are items that are always in need, this includes Home Based Care Supplies, Supplies for our Soup Kitchen, Items for food parcels, Garden supplies and funding for casual labour.