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Our natural Baby Bum Butter is the only cream you need for your bundle of joy’s bottom.  With Essential oils and soothing properties, say good-bye to nappy rash.



• Makes the skin healthier
• Reduces dark circles
• Delays signs of aging
• Removes impurities and dead skin cells
• A perfect solution for psoriasis and eczema • Substitutes for hand and foot cream

• Treats chapped lips
• Reduces wrinkles and fine lines

Thank you for considering our handmade skin care products. Our guarantee to you, our valued customer, is that this soap was designed with your health in mind. We believe that our product is inspired and that our special ingredients are specifically chosen firstly to do no harm to your body and secondly to nourish your skin with the very best that nature has to offer.
Indalo has developed this product and tested it on a whole variety of skin types and to date has recorded no adverse side effects. As this is a natural handmade product there might well be skin types that might experience some discomfort, in this instance Indalo can offer no guarantees. Indalo accepts no direct responsibility for these specific circumstances. We will however receive all queries and inquiries with regards to the product and endeavour to improve our product where necessary.
This product is made in both a socially and environmentally conscious manner ensuring Indalo plays its role in developing and protecting our society and our environment. Please keep in mind that all our products are heat sensitive and should avoid extreme temperatures as well as direct sunlight.