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Make a difference and lend your skills. Join us and create positive change. Whether it's mentoring, event support, or project assistance, your time and expertise can have a profound impact. Together, we can empower communities and make a lasting difference. 

Skills Development

Mentors: Volunteer as a mentor to empower individuals in the community, helping them acquire new skills and knowledge. Share your expertise and guide them towards personal and professional growth.


Training Facilitators: Assist in delivering training programs at The HUB, focusing on skill development. Help participants acquire practical skills that will enable them to contribute effectively to their communities.

Community Development

Reading Club Volunteers: Join our reading club initiative and help improve literacy levels in the community. Support children and adults in developing their reading skills and fostering a love for literature.


Home Base Care Volunteers: Contribute to the Home Base Care program, providing assistance and support to individuals who require care and support in their homes. Help enhance the quality of life for those in need.

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